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Livescan Electronic Digital Fingerprinting

imgAt USA Fingerprint Service, LLC, it is our goal is to provide efficient, reliable, and high quality fingerprinting services to all of our clients. Clients looking for fingerprinting services can either come to our office, or our Mobile Fingerprinting Division will travel to your location on an appointment basis. We will travel to businesses, residences, hotels, airports, universities etc.

Whether a client needs one person fingerprinted, or a comprehensive fingerprinting program for all current and future employees at various locations our services are extremely beneficial and user friendly.

Our qualified fingerprint technicians are well trained, and experienced in fingerprinting techniques and classification. They are equipped with the most technologically advanced, state of the art fingerprinting equipment available. Our clients rely on us with confidence, knowing our experienced fingerprinting specialists will ensure superior acceptance rates and greatly reduce and eliminate the chance of processing rejected finger prints.

Our Services

We have the most up to date Live Scan machine on the market. You can come to our office for theses services or we can come to you.


Fingerprinting Services

Fingerprinting helps uncover criminal history not discovered through traditional methods, offers extra protection to aid in meeting industry guidelines, and helps prevent fraud.

Drug Testing

Recent studies indicate that drug abuse is once again on the rise. Three out of four chronic drug abusers are currently employed. This trend is alarming for today’s businesses as it’s a well accepted fact that drug abusers are less productive, more prone to injury and have higher absentee rates.

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